As the scorching heat of summer is going to be on edge by the arrival of beautiful Monsoon very soon and after that autumn is coming, people start making plans for the trips to spend a quality time either with their partner or their family.

October is always a perfect time for the trips because of the nice weather and lots of holidays obviously.

India is very well known for their vast variety in tourism that sometimes it becomes hard to decide where to spend your holidays. Right?

Well, you don’t need to worry about spending your time for searching the places to visit because I am writing this post to help you for planning your upcoming memorable trip for October to spend your holidays in India.


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Pachmarhi Mountains

Pachmarhi is a combination of two words – ‘Panch’ and ‘Marhi’ which symbolize five caves or five huts. This place is one of the best options to choose to witness a beautiful October sunrise.

Well yes! If you are a hill-station and nature lover then you will definitely love this place. This place is the only hill-station in Madhya Pradesh. It is also known for being the”Queen of the Satpura ranges.”

Pachmarhi is not only famous for its enchanting beauty of nature and being the tallest one amongst the satpura ranges, it also have some major historical values.

Some legends says that Pandavas (from Mahabhaarat) visited Pachmarhi during their exile. Not only this, Pachmarhi hill station is a treasure of Madhya Pradesh. It has ancient caves which are the epitome of Buddhist era with beautiful waterfalls.

This place can be a very good option for you if you are travelling with your family. It can make your trip a best family trip because of its soothing and calming effects.

Beside experiencing the nature and its beauty, you can also witness the presence of churches built in colonial-styled architecture. Because this place was first discovered by the Captain James Forsyth of British Army in modern times.


Though you can visit here anytime throughout the year because of its always pleasant weather but October is the best time to plan a trip to Pachmarhi.

Best thing about this place is that being at an altitude of 1067 feet and surrounded by the beautiful forest of Satpura ranges, the temperature there remains pleasant and in October you can feel a pleasant and cool weather with the temperature range between 4°c – 14°c.

Main Attractions

Pandava Caves

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Pandav Caves

As the name Pachmarhi means five caves, these five caves were the home of five Pandavas who spent their part of exile here along with ‘Draupadi’.

These rock caves are 1000 years old which also overlook a beautiful garden. This place is remote and unique in its own way. The charm and mythological significance makes this place stand out from other.

Bee Fall

Pachmarhi is rich in marvelous waterfalls in which ‘Bee Fall’ is most famous. This waterfall provides drinking water for the locals. The length of the fall is about 50 meters. Giant trees in the surroundings, keep shaded the fall beautifully. The reason behind this name is, this waterfalls sounds like a bee from a distance.

By Dinesh Valke from Thane, India - ... near Bee Falls, CC BY-SA 2.0, Source:
Bee falls

But remember you have to trek to these waterfalls because cars are not accessible there.

Satpura National Park

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Satpura National park

Satpura National Park is also a highlight of Pachmarhi. It is famous for being rich in biodiversity.

In Satpura National Park, you can also enjoy the safari experience. It includes three type of safari – jeep safari, elephant and boat safari. All these safaris will take you on an adventure where you can enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna.

Besides the safari, “sunset and sunrise point” is also a great place in Satpura National Park. This place is a paradise on earth where you can do bird watching. Not just this, here you can witness the Indian giant squirrel and Indian white bison.

Jata Shankar Caves

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Jata Shankar Caves

Jata shankar caves are one of the favorite attraction of tourists. It’s name is enough to understand that these caves are about Lord Shiva. But their significance does not end at this. You can witness a proper working ecosystem inside these caves, where fresh water keeps dripping from them.

Jata shankar Cave is getting famous as a holy site because of the naturally formed ‘Shivalingam’ and ‘Sheshnag.’ At this place you can enjoy the beauty of natural caves with a picturesque view and the positive vibrations of this holy shrine.

Apsara Vihar

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Apsara Vihar

Pachmarhi looks absolutely stunning during monsoon period and this can be your best opportunity to visit this place.

But Apsara Vihar can be a great place to visit during monsoon. It is a naturally formed pool. People also called this pool a fairy pool. This place is near to pandvs caves.

Diving and swimming in this natural pool feels amazing. Don’t forget to take some comfortable shoes because you need to trek to reach the main spot.

Ways to Reach Pachmarhi

You can visit Pachmarhi by three ways – by road, by rail and by air.

By road – First you need to reach Piparia. From Piparia you can take buses which will take around 2 hours. You can also take taxi from Pipria. Besides taxi and bus, you can add more fun to your trip by choosing private jeeps and tongas.

By rail – Piparia is the nearest railway station from Pachmarhi. You can get direct trains from Howrah, Mumbai and Chennai. From Delhi, you need to reach Bhopal first. From there you can take train to Itarsi Railway Station. Here you can change the train to reach Piparia.

By air – You can take direct flight from Delhi and Mumbai to Bhopal airport. Bhopal airport is at a distance of 195 km from Pachmarhi.

This can be your one of the best trip in October with your family, friends. It can also be the best place for children’s holidays.

So, don’t be late in planning your trip to Pachmarhi. October is approaching and don’t forget to share your experience here with us at ‘Travel to Mysteries’.