Do you know that the flag of the main tower always flows in the opposite direction of the wind at Jagannath Temple?

Interesting!! Isn’t it?

Now you may be thinking that, “Is it true?”

Well yes!! It is true and the mysteries of this place doesn’t end at this fact. There are many more things or you can say mysteries happens here.

Do you want to know about all them?

Well then let’s get started!!!

India is well known for the spiritual places and their beauty. Not only locals are attracted towards them but these places attracts foreigners as well for their beauty, architecture and the mysteries they are holding. And when it comes to a well known and mysterious place, the first place that hits my mind is “The Jagannath Temple.”

Jagannath Temple is also known as Jagannath Puri. It is located in the Odisha (Orissa) away from Bhubaneswar. Puri Jagannath is a major pilgrimage destination for Hindus and is considered as a most sacred place. It is also a part of the famous “Chaar Dhama” pilgrimages. Over the year many people comes here to worship and to admire the architecture of this place but the other thing that attracts the tourists is the legends associated with this place. Every year the festival of Lord Jagannatha Rath Yatra festival attracts lakhs of people and it lasts for 10 days. This Rath Yatra or Chariot Festival is celebrated in the month of June or July. This year it has celebrated on 14 July.

Rath Yatra of Lord JagannathaSource: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

This Rath Yatra is not the sole speciality of this place but some mysterious and perplexing activities without any scientific explanation is blowing the mind of tourists all over the world.

1. Flow of the flag of the temple dome is always in the opposite direction the wind.

Picture of the Jagannath Temple main dome flag Source: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

When we think scientifically, we says that the things like clothes always flies in the direction of wind.This is the nature’s code of conduct. But at Jagannath temple this rule is not visible. Here the flag of the main dome always flows in the opposite direction of the wind. Not just that, everyday the a priest climbs to the top of the dome whose length is as tall as 45 storey building without the help of any protective gear to change the flag. This practice is done on the daily basis with bare hands. It is believed that if the ritual of flag changing skipped any day then the temple will be shut down for the long 18 years.

2. The Chakra

Picture of Neela chakra at Jagannath TempleSource: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

The second mystery of this temple is the chakra which is known as ‘Sudarshan Chakra’ or ‘Neela Chakra.’ This chakra is made up of eight metals- iron, copper, zinc, mercury, lead, brass, silver and gold. The thickness of the Neela Chakra is 2 inches. The architectural technique associated with this chakra is mind blowing. This chakra is visible from each and every corner of the city and the astonishing part of this is you will see this as facing you every time irrespective of the place you are in. But there is more to this mystery. This chakra is standing at the top of the temple dome and it weighs a ton. This chakra was installed 2000 years ago when there was no engineering techniques available that can install such a heavy chakra at such height. If you want to witness this breathtaking ceremony then the expected time for this ceremony is 5 pm during winter time and 6 pm during summer time.

3. No Shadow of The Main Dome

Jagannath Temple domeSource: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

Another scientific fact says that when the light glows one side of the object, it leaves a shadow on the other side but at Jagannath Puri this fact is also not applicable.  The main dome of the temple projects no shadow at any time of the day from any direction. How is that possible? But this is true. We can not say if this is some kind of marvelous technique of architect or the desire of god.

4. The Main Entrance

Singha Dwara entrance of Jagannath temple, PuriSource: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

The sound of the ocean waves is something that no one can ignore. One can hear them from a distance but there is another mystery. The main entrance of the temple which is known as ‘Singha Dwara’ entrance adds another mystery. When the person enters the temple from Singha Dwara entrance, after the first step all the sounds of the ocean waves becomes inaudible. You can not hear any ocean sound after entering in the temple and when you come back and exit the temple, the sound of the ocean waves returns back.

5. The Mystery of Ocean

Source: Flickr

Everywhere normally the breeze comes from sea to land in day time and the reverse happens in the evening. right?

But here in the Puri Jagannath the sea contradicts this fact. In Puri, the breeze blows from land to sea in day time and vice versa.

6. Mahaprasad

Mahaprasad in pots at Jagannath TempleSource: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

There are two mysteries associated with ‘Mahaprasad.’ The First one is the cooking technique. In Jagannath Temple, the cooking technique for prasad is different. Here the food is cooked in the 7 pots using firewood. Each pot is placed over the another pot. The mystery with this cooking technique is the food in top most pot get cooked first rather then the first pot.

The second mystery is, In Puri the number of devotees varies from thousands to lakhs and the amount of prasad always cooks in the same amount. The astonishing fact is the prasad prepared in the temple never gets wasted. It always fulfills the needs of all devotees.

I know this is the time of Science and most of you would like to reject these mystical facts about this place but I am not here to change anyone’s beliefs or perspective but to give everyone one more place to add in their travel list because everyone has a believer side and it will definitely going to find these facts amazingly astonishing.

So, who is going to add this place in their travel list and the live witness of these mysteries of Jagannath Puri.

Let me know in the comment box and we all love to hear your mysterious experiences here.