In the night time, I always look at the beauty of moon which is shining in the sky along with the tiny stars.

I have heard about this very often that looking at moon can give you immense pleasure and calm but I had not experienced that yet.

Few years back I was travelling to Varanasi from Delhi by train.

It was nighttime and everyone was done with their dinner in the train. Coincidentally, it was a full moon night. When everyone went to sleep and it was dark inside the train, I was trying to sleep but I was not able to.

I was lying on the birth of the train and suddenly I noticed something.

It was moon light which was illuminating my seat. I looked outside of the window and the scene was out of my imagination.

Not just because it was full moon but it was midnight and the cool breeze was making me shudder. The sound of the train with a natural smell of green field was giving me a totally different experience.

I was looking at the beauty of the moon that I haven’t noticed before. It was so radiant and calm that I forgot all my worries.

Since then, a full moon has became ‘apple of my eye.’