About me

Hey everyone!! Myself… Let it be a mystery like this page. So, you can call me the mystery girl. I have always wanted to start my own travel blog from a long time and finally the time has come. I always loved the mysteries and scientifically unexplained facts that’s why I choose my niche as mystery travel. There are many places which are well known for their mysteries and some are not so known right now and I want to put the light on both kind of places.

There are many readers who are looking for the spiritual blog posts in Hindi language. So soon I will also add the blog posts in Hindi language as well for the comfort of both readers.

As most of the mysteries are associated with the spiritual places so let me be clear I don’t want to hurt any sentimental beliefs of anyone and I am not here to contradict scientific facts. I am not judging any beliefs so I request you to do the same. Let’s just take this blog as a informative and a bunch of amazing mysterious facts.

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Thank you in advance 🙂