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    An Apple of My Eye

    In the night time, I always look at the beauty of moon which is shining in the sky along with the tiny stars. I have heard about this very often that looking at moon can give you immense pleasure and calm but I had not experienced that yet. Few years back I was travelling to Varanasi from Delhi by train. It was nighttime and everyone was done with their dinner in the train. Coincidentally, it was a full moon night. When everyone went to sleep and it was dark inside the train, I was trying to sleep but I was not able to. I was lying on the birth of…

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    Golden Temple Amritsar – A Place For Piece Of Mind

    Golden Temple is one of the most beautiful yet sacred place in India. Golden Temple is also known as “Harmandir Sahib.” It is located in the city of Amritsar in the state of Punjab. Source: traveltomysteries But why this place is known as Golden Temple? Let’s get to know about the facts about this place. Golden Temple is the most important pilgrimage site for Sikhism and holiest Gurudwara. Gurudwara means a door to guru. It is known as Golden Temple because the dome of the Gurudwara is covered with pure gold. It is made up of white marble. You can enjoy the architectural beauty of this Gurudwara. The temple was…

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    बांके बिहारी मंदिर के रहस्य

    हिन्दू मंदिर रहस्यों से भरे होने के लिए भी जाने जाते है, जिनमे से कुछ रहस्य डरावने होते है तो कुछ बहुत रोचक, लेकिन आज हम जिस रहस्य के बारे में बात करने जा रहे है वो भयानक नहीं लेकिन रोचक होने के साथ मन को शांति देने वाला है। जी हां! आज हम बात कर रहे है बांके बिहारी मंदिर की जो वृन्दावन में है। इनके बारे में तो आप सबने सुना होगा लेकिन इनके चमत्कार इतने रोचक है की इन्हे जितनी बार सुना जाये उतना कम है। ये एक ऐसे भगवान है जो सिर्फ हिन्दुओं के लिए ही नहीं बल्कि विदेशियों के लिए भी आकर्षण का केंद्र रहे…

  • Adi shakti
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    An Introduction To Shakti Peethas

    What are Shaktipeethas? I am sure many of you have heard of this and some are unaware of this term. Well that is why I am writing this blog. Our coming post are going to be about Shaktipeetha and I want that whoever read my blog, they do not need to search about this. The Shakti peeth which means seat of shakti , are significant shrines and destinations in Shakitsm. There are 51 Shaktipeethas of which four Shaktipeethas are known as major Adi- Shaktipeethas. Most of the Shaktipeethas are in India but some of them are in Nepal, Bangladesh and one each in Tibet (Mansarovar), Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The legend …

  • Banke Bihari
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    Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan

    Have you ever fallen in love? Well you will say yes everyone has fallen in love at least once in their lifetime. But do you know who taught us the real meaning of love? No! It’s not a human but the Lord Krishna. Many of you have heard of him and many of you are unaware of who he is. Well as everybody knows that in Hindu culture, there are many gods and each of them has different responsibility. But when it comes to love Lord Krishna is the first god who comes to the mind. You may be thinking that why I am talking about love when this blog…